Scrotal relaxation

As the market for sexual rejuvenation continues to rise, more male clients are looking for ways to enhance the appearance of the entire "package". At GentleCare Laser Aesthetics, Dr Tariq Ali Khan performs a procedure using Botox® that allows the scrotum to relax giving an overall improved appearance of size and texture. Some men do prefer a more relaxed look so call us for a free consultation.


Does it hurt?

This involves a series of injections that may be a little uncomfortable but we utilize ice and sometimes, numbing cream, to lessen the discomfort

Does it affect my sperm count?

No, this procedure may actually help to enhance it!

How long does it last?

As with most Botulinum procedures, this can last from 3-6 months and even longer depending on how your body handles the agent.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the number of units used it can vary from $1100-$2400.

*results can vary based on individual conditions

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