Hair Restoration (PRP)

The Selphyl PRFM method of hair restoration uses the patient’s own blood, spun down in our own lab, similar to traditional platelet rich plasma (PRP). The Selphyl® System is far superior to traditional PRP treatments and yields significantly better results. Dr. Khan injects the Selphyl/PRFM solution into areas of the scalp where hair has become noticeably thinner.

Dr. Khan helps patients restore a fuller, healthier head of natural hair through a series of Selphyl PRFM injections given in our Bucks County Cosmetic Center, typically about a month apart.

Results: What To Expect

Most patients will receive a series of three Selphyl PRFM injections over as many months. Treatment is generally comfortable, with minimal downtime and side effects.

Typically, patients will experience a 19.7% increase in hair density in the treated area(s) during the initial 3 months.* After treatment is complete, they can expect to see a continued increase in the density of the hair in treated areas- approximately 38% on average.* The Selphyl/PRP injections stimulate healthy cell regrowth that will support lasting regrowth beyond the first year.

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